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Welcome to the Accupro Inspections information page. We are the premier provider of building inspections in the Orlando/Central Florida area. All our inspections include moisture detection, wood decay inspection and mold inspection for no additional charge. Our goal is to provide the very best in all types of property & mold inspection. Our inspections are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver an exceptionally meticulous inspection for a fair price. The cheapest inspection is not the way to go for the biggest purchase of your life! We want you, our valued customer, to be satisfied that the property was thoroughly inspected. Here is a list of our services.

Home Exterior

Pre-Purchase / Buyer Inspections

Usually performed for buyers purchasing a property. Accupro Inspections is experienced in properties from 3 years old to 133 years old! It includes inspection of all major systems of the home. It also includes a visual mold inspection (if excessive mold is found, mold testing may be recommended). Older properties many times have more defects and may have crawl spaces under them that need to be inspected as well. It is imperative that you know all the defects in the property you are about to purchase BEFORE you purchase it! There may be hidden items that will need thousands of dollars in repairs. If a large amount of repairs are needed, you can ask the seller to make needed repairs or reduce the price of your offer.

"AS IS" does not always mean the seller won't make any repairs! If major defects are found and the seller really wants to sell the home, they may be willing to make repairs. If they don't make the repairs, they have to disclose any known defects to the next buyer. That is why you need a good inspector to find all defects!

Pre-Listing or Seller Inspection

As the owner of a property that is soon going to be placed on the market it is always a good idea to have it inspected BEFORE it is put on the market. If a major defect or large repair is found, it may scare off a prospective buyer. If the defects are found and repaired before the property is put on the market, the buyer will find very little wrong with the property and is more likely to be happy with the purchase and make a higher offer, than if the home needed many repairs. It is better to show how well the property has been maintained, than to have him trying to re-negotiate the contract when repairs are needed. When found ahead of time, repairs can be done on your schedule, with people you choose. If the buyer's inspector finds the defects, it probably will need to be done at a faster pace, and could be a lot more headaches than if you had the needed repairs done ahead of time.


Wind Mitigation Inspections

Insurance companies may give discounts (substantial discounts) to homes that will hold up better under high wind (hurricane) conditions. Homes that have their roofs installed after 2003, were installed to new 2002 Hurricane codes. This means more and larger nails were used to hold down the roof deck and shingles. You can also get discounts for the shape of your roof and if your windows are hurricane rated. This inspection can be performed at the same time as your home inspection.


4-Point Insurance Inspections

If the home you are purchasing is over 30 years old, the homeowner's insurance company, you may want a 4-point inspection performed. This is an inspection of the roof, electric, plumbing and heat systems in the home. It is not as involved as a full home inspection, but tells the insurance company the condition of these items to access their risk. Roofs that have less than 3-5 years useful life left may need replacement, and Federal Pacific breakers in the electric panels are a hazard, and will probably require replacement by the insurance company.

New Home Inspections

When purchasing a new home, many buyers feel that the home has been thoroughly inspected by the builder AND the city or county. That may be true, but in one expose' on county building inspectors, it was found they claimed to have inspected over 50 homes in one day. If that is true, they cannot be inspecting any home thoroughly and that is confirmed by many of the things found when inspecting a brand new home! I have found shingles improperly installed, and off-ridge vents that had no roofing tar applied around the vents! Also a home built with NO ROOF VENTS, and others with NO INSULATION! I have also found a home with the supply water line under the dishwasher dis-connected (running water under the cabinet) and hot water lines connected to the icemaker and toilets!