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Mold Testing

A mold inspection is done as part of my standard home inspection. If any evidence of mold is observed, a recommendation is made to test what type of mold is present, and it is it in sufficient concentration to be harmful to breathe.

Some type of mold is present in almost every home, but many times there is black, brown or white deposits in areas of high moisture. Mold can only grow in the presence of moisture. No Moisture - No Mold.

The problem with mold is that each person reacts differently to different types of mold. One person may notice no effects from a particular type of mold, while another person has severe respiratory problems. ie. running nose, breathing problems, respiratory illness that will not go away. If you smell a musty smell and experience any of the aforementioned problems, you need to have your home tested before more serious, and possible permanent effects occur. Mold is nothing to take lightly.

I have inspected homes only 3-4 years old and found mold all over the air conditioner coils and high levels of mold in the home. I have also found properties where the mold test was in acceptable levels, but poisonous mold was found behind the wallpaper. So although the mold test came back within acceptable levels, the mold is lurking behind the walls!! I don't want to alarm you, because the majority of homes I inspect, do not have a problem. But sometimes there is a major problem that needs mold remediation.

If you suspect you have a problem, PLEASE CALL ME TODAY!